Monday, August 1, 2011

What Next???

Stan began taking his vacation last Thursday. We have been very busy with fair events, etc. Yesterday, all of us were thoroughly exhausted so we spent most of our time asleep. This morning, Stan was ready to check out the cause of our "sinking" corner in the kitchen floor. At first, he thought that we must have had a leak underneath our dishwasher. I was not that convinced because the dishwasher is less than 2 years old. When Stan found no leak there, he investigated further. To do that, he ended up having to knock the rest of that portion of the floor. Once it was gone, we soon learned that the water was being sprayed upwards from one of our water lines. More flooring than what we had thought had been destroyed.

What is next? We had City Hall turn off our water at the meter. Stan is now repairing the leaks. Once he thinks that that has been accomplished, the water will be turned on again. If the problem has been repaired, we go to step 2 which will be to replace the ceramic tile backerboard so that we can lay out the new tile in that area. All of this sounds simple but I have learned in the past that our repairs are never that easy. LOL!

The good news is that Stan has a week off from work in which to work on this. It could be so much worse if the floor just fell through and we had to work on this while Stan was at his paying job also. We've had to do that before. Ha! Ha!


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