Saturday, January 12, 2013

Major Improvements

If any of you have driven on Broadway Street in Leoti during the past few days, you probably noticed that Bruce and Rhonda Endorf, owners of Hi-Plains Motel, have begun an amazing remodel of their office.  This motel which was built in the late 1950s has undergone a MAJOR remodel over the past few years.  Each room has been redone with new paint, wallpaper, carpet, tile, furniture, etc.  The passersby have noticed the facelift that included new paint awhile ago.  During the summer, new concrete was laid in the parking lot and in front of the office which is located on the lower level.  But now the Endorfs wanted to do something to their office that they have desired for a long time.  They took the original glass and door out of the office's front.  The front was extended toward the street just a bit.  New bronze-colored glass and double doors were then put into place.  This in itself was a major change but that is not where the remodel will end.  Much is planned for the office's interior also.  I am not going to tell you what all is in store for that.  Instead, I would just invite you to go on in and see it for yourself.  When all is finished, I am sure we will all be amazed!  (I already am!)

During the past few years, Bruce and Rhonda purchased 2 old businesses to the south of the post office.  They did major facelifts to each building and then went inside and transformed the buildings that are now being leased by a veterinarian and Seaboard Foods.

My family and I are very proud of and thanful for the Endorfs who have gone above and beyond to make Leoti a much nicer place to live.  In order to attract new citizens to our community and to entice the people whom already live here, it is imperative that our businesses and our homes be updated and cleaned up.  I am not saying that people should go into debt to do this.  Just use whatever you have to make your place more attractive to the people around you.

Thank you, Bruce and Rhonda, for all that you have done for Wichita Countians, etc ever since the early 1980s when you moved to Leoti!  It is MUCH appreciated!!!

To make reservations for motel rooms, please call 620.375.2239.  If you have family and friends whom plan to be here for the Wichita County Fair, it is not too early to get those reservations made.  The entire motel is usually fully booked quite awhile before the fair begins.  While many motels offer continental breakfasts to their guests, Hi Plains gives their guests delicious breakfast that the guests choose from their menus.  And when I say "give", that is exactly what I mean.  The breakfast is included in the motel booking.  Guests pay no extra for their meal.  How can anyone beat that???


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