Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prayer Request

I received word yesterday that a high school aged boy in the Colcord, Oklahoma area had found out in December that only 5% of his heart was still working.  If a new heart was not found soon, things would not be good for him.  People affiliated with the New Life Ranch in Oklahoma, had raised some money for his family as they wait in a Little Rock hospital where his medical care is being given. (New Life Ranch is a Christian ranch where many of Wichita County youth spend part of their summers.)   He shared with the people who brought the money that he was trying to have faith and, at the same time, he felt badly for the people who would someday have to say good-bye to whomever would be losing his/her life so that he could have the heart.  I totally understand how he feels.  At that time, he and his family were hoping for a heart in 6 to 12 months.  Praise the Lord!  A heart became available to him yesterday.  He has undergone the surgery.  Everything went well and he is now recovering.  It is going to be a long road ahead of him. 

I ask that everyone remember him and his family and friends as their journey has just begun.  Please pray that his body never rejects the new heart.

And as his new life now begins, someone else's life has ended.  Please pray for that person and the loved ones left behind.  Their pain will never cease.  Hopefully over time, it will lessen.

Our Heavenly Father has worked through the brains and hands of many a doctor to be able to put His miracles into action.  Praise be to Him!!!

I thank you for your ongoing prayers and thoughts in these matters.


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