Monday, July 20, 2009

I need YOUR opinion, please.

I've never been involved in blogging before I formed my own blog. Ha! Ha! Now, some people are telling me that they don't do blogs. So, I have to wonder if anyone is still reading my blog. If people are not, there is not much use in me continuing to write in my blog. Like, duh!!!

That's where you come in. IF you want to continue reading my blog, you have to let me know soon. No, you do not need to list your name. Just write a message for me. Therefore, if I get not response to this, I am discontinue my blog.

Thanks for everything!



  1. I read your blog also!!!

  2. It gets pretty interesting, I think a lot of people don't have time to reply and it sounds like it gives you something to do. Keep on doing what you do

  3. I am following your blog. I find it informative and interesting. Many people read blogs but don't write blogs or leave comments when they read them. Don't get discouraged so easily. Writers write mainly for themselves, it shouldn't really matter if you have an audience,,, but you do. It is also a good writing exercise. So please continue to write your blog.

  4. I have just found it but i love it.. Keep on posting Lynn it is great that our community is finally informed

  5. i have been reading it and i thank you for keeping me informed about the city i grew up in i have been gone for 4 years now and have missed alot wish you would have started sooner. i will keep reading if you keep typing!!! virginia cathcart hastings ne


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