Thursday, July 16, 2009

New glasses

Today was a big day for me. After needing glasses for YEARS, I FINALLY, went to an eye doctor. He prescribed bi-focals in addition to the regular lenses. Mercy sake, when I first stood back up from the counter where they adjust your frames, I felt so tipsy-turvy. I was really concerned that I may lose my footing. It took awhile for me to start to feel secure in walking again. Boy! All of a sudden, colors were crisper and halos were gone!!! Reading the menu at the restaurant in Garden City was also a thrill for me. I didn't even have to ask someone to read the selections for me. Whoopee!

However, being able to see well, is not always what it is cracked up to be. A table away from us sat two fairly young women, younger than me anyway, and 2 little kids. I may have not even noticed them if it had not been for the fact that the children were playing very noicefully at the table. I turned my head over my shoulder to see what was going on, then I saw something that most of us country bumpkins in small towns such as Leoti never see until we go to the cities. The women had piercings EVERYWHERE. Several rings were stuck in their eyebrows, ears and even in the sensitive tissue of their lips. Ouch! How and WHY do they do that??? One of the women had a shiny gold hoop in the end of her nose. I looked all around but never found the gold chain that must slip into the ring in order to secure her to a hitching post or something. One of the women sported some kind of metal object in her scalp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My head is hurting just thinking about it!

I seemed to have alot in common with one of the ladies. We both must love flowers. I thoroughly enjoy my flowers in my gardens but I'd never be brave enough to do what she did. She had a BUNCH of posies tatooed from her shoulder to her wrist. Can you imagine all of the pain that that poor woman had to endure--the piercing and the many tattoos? Ouch...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have very little, IF ANY, fashion sense. When you have visible tattoos, are you supposed to color coordinate your clothing to them? In my case, I guess that I would just have to buy all white or black clothing. My mom always taught me that you couldn't get any more neutral than white and black.

The two ladies had fairly long hair. The top half of their hair was yellow, not blond, yellow. The bottom half was coal black. I am assuming that they couldn't quite make up their minds which color they preferred to dye their hair so they decided to try both colors. Once they pick their favorite, I am sure that they will return to the hairsalon and dye ALL of their hair either yellow or black. Mercy me! Sometimes it pays not to be able to see as well as I could tonight. I learned once again that I belong in small town America where everyone is "so-called normal."

I don't mean to oppress anyone because they enjoy tattoos, body piercings, etc. Everyone is an individual and should be allowed to do whatever they feel like doing. If we were all alike, our world would be pretty dull. It was really nice having everyone staring at the people at their table. For a change, no one was staring at the fat lady sitting with the cute little girls with the graying man. The fat lady was, of course, ME. Besides, I am convinced that people who go through all of that piercing and tattooing wouldn't do it if they didn't enjoy all of the attention that the public gives them. Right???

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