Thursday, July 16, 2009

Leoti's population growth

Remember how I have told you recently that Leoti is experiencing more people moving in and less people moving out? I enjoyed getting to meet one new man the day before yesterday. He has been here for over a year now. He moved here from South Africa. His ancestors started out in Denmark. In the 1100s, his family started their migration and eventually ended up in South Africa. His mother is still in South Africa but the rest of their family now lives in the U.S. Can't say that we see many emmigrants from Africa in Leoti very often. Ha! Ha!

He and his adult son have a place in town. They enjoy Leoti and plan on staying here. Who knows? You may run across him somewhere along the line. Get to know him. He has alot to say about current events taking place in South Africa that we may not otherwise know about. He's very interesting.

Soon, even more people will be coming to Leoti for work. Construction on the new school projects will be starting very soon. I won't be abit surprised if some of those people will be so impressed with our people that they will decide to make Leoti their permanent home.

I also know that more people have just started jobs at Caprock and Seaboard. Its wonderful to see our population growing once again!

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