Friday, March 30, 2012

Finney County's Upcoming Raceway Schedule

Wichita County now has at least 3 racecar drivers who perform in various speedways including in Finney County.  Finney County's raceway is located to the east of Garden City across the highway from the airport.  Here's the schedule and ticket prices.

All races are held in Finney County and are on Saturday evenings.  Racetime begins at 8:00 CST.

April 21st
April 28th

May 5th
May 12th
May 26th

June 9th
June 23rd
June 30th

July 7th
July 21st

August 4th
August 18th

September 8th
September 21st and 22nd:  Fallen Racers Memorial Weekend.  Cost higher due to probable money race.

October 6th
October 13th

Individual observer:  $8.00
Carload:  $15.00
Pit Pass Ticket:  $15.00 per person

Of course by taking a carload of friends with you is the best way to go.  Besides, like the saying goes, "The more--the merrier".

Looking forward to seeing YOU at the races!

Good look and prayers of safety going up for Heather, Brian and Warren.


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