Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update on the Blaus

It has been a week since I last spoke to you.  I need to explain why.  For one thing, this virus has continued to attack us over and over again.  I spoke with our doctor about this and was told that that is how this particular virus works.  So...we continue to have our Muccinex with Cough Formula and Tylenol on hand. 

For the past 2 months, we've spent practically every available second on our 3 bedrooms' renovations.  We are getting much closer to the end.  Thank goodness!  Stan built our new closet last weekend.  He still has to build one for Abigayle.  I did the Tuscan mud treatment on a new wall in Leighlyn's room and got the first coat of paint on it.  I will be mudding and painting her new 5-sided closet in the next couple of days.  Stan still has to take one of her smaller windows out and then close in the wall before I mud and paint it.  Her bedroom will then be DONE!!!

This week, I managed to paint all of Abigayle's bedroom.  Stan put a new door in.  Yet to come is her new closet and a new window then her room will be finished also.

Work has just gotten started in our bedroom.  It won't take long in here.  Stan is closing out our smaller window and has to hang new closet doors and install french doors to the hallway.  After that, I will be finishing everything by painting the room.

You may be wondering why we are closing off windows.  The reason is simple.  It is our little way of living a "greener" lifestyle.  Every year, more and more gas and electricity are being used.  That means that the resources are getting smaller.  It is a well known fact that windows are notorious for letting air in and out of our homes.  Also, solar heat enters into our homes through windows that are on the sunny sides of our homes.  By walling some of them up, we are protecting our homes, furniture, linens, etc from sun exposutre.  When we are finished with our bedroom renovation, each bedroom will still have one large window.  Our summer plans include replacing all of our windows with new more environmentally sound triple paned windows.

When Stan takes out a window, he fills the gap up with new insulation before he covers that with sheetrock.  One result will be a tighter room with fewer drafts.

In the near future, I plan on returning to more frequent writing.


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