Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a Mess!!!

About 2 years ago, the girls decided that they wanted to share the same bedroom.  We moved them both into the larger bedroom of the two and decided to make the smaller bedroom into a walk-in closet for Stan and I.  At first, it worked out well for us.  But...that was before people started using it to store junk, etc.  Then it became a hassle.  A couple of months ago, the girls decided that they wanted to have seperate rooms again.  Though that might seem like no big deal, it is for us now.  This affects all three of the involved rooms now.  Here is a run-down of what we've done so far:

1.  Removed two bedroom windows in Leighlyn's room.  Both were notorious for letting in outdoor air and dust.  The larger window will remain where it is.

2.  A new 5-sided wall-in closet was built in Leighlyn's bedroom.  Why?  Because when we decided to have the walk-in in our bedroom, we removed the original closet to give us more room.  Now, we have to remove part of the wall that seperates our bedroom from Leighlyn's old closet so that we can use it.  After that, the former doors will be removed and a wall put in their place in Leighlyn's bedroom.

3.  Leighlyn and Abigayle's clothes were moved to Leighlyn's new closet.

4.  Last weekend, we rook the two closet rails down from the former walk-in.  Junk was discarded.  Our belongings that we wanted to keep were moved to other locations.  Abigayle was so excited that she wanted a bed set up in there so that she could begin sleeping in it.  For now, she is sleeping in a twin bed but we plan on purchasing a daybed for her soon..  We had closed up the bedroom door between her room and the hallway about 2 years ago.  Since then, Stan had built a doorway between that room and our bedroom.  Now, Stan will remove the sheetrock between her room and the hallway and close up the door between our room and her room.  For now, she doesn't mind a bit.

Other things left to do

1.  Sheetrock in Leighlyn's new closet needs to be mudded and wallpaper hung on it.  I also have to do the Tuscan wall treatment over the sheetrock that covers where her old windows once were.

2.  Removal of built-in toy box/window seat

3.  Paint 3 walls a silvery color.  Paint the accent wall a medium shade of purple.

4.  Buy a full bed instead of the queen bed that the girls have been sharing so that Leighlyn will have more space.

5.  Paint Abigayle's bedroom walls a pale blue and pale green.  (She wants to go for an ocean look.)

6.  After the new closet doors are put into place in our bedroom, we are going to paint our room.  My ideas are for blues or lavendars.  Stan is thinking more in line of the blues.  LOL!

7.  Sometime this summer, we plan on removing our old windows and replacing them with better windows.  We have decided to completely take out the smaller window in our room because we never really use it.  I keep a window shade and drapes over it all of the time anyway.  We'll just take out the old window, put sheetrock in its place.  After that, I will have to put the Tuscan treatment over the new sheetrock since that is what we have in the rest of the room. 

8.  We still have to build a closet in Abigayle's bedroom.

About the only thing in the 3 bedrooms that will remain the same is the floors.  They are beautiful and we all love them.

If you would like to lend us a couple of hands, bring 'em on over.  We'll put them to work right away!  LOL!!!


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