Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Interesting Mattress

As you know, we've been doing some major renovations in our home.  The new fireplace in our living room is now in and BEAUTIFUL!  Work is still going on in all three bedrooms.  Hopefully they will be finished and in top shape before the end of this month.  As you know, I don't do well with things out of kilder.  Since the girls went into seperate bedrooms, we needed new beds for them.  Leighlyn dropped from a queen to a full and Abigayle now has a twin.  Leighlyn chose a beautiful new headboard that is composed of iron and is very tall.  Abigayle chose an adorable cream-colored wooden headboard and foodboard.  Because they bought new beds, they also needed new mattress sets.  They purchased some really nice and thick mattresses.  They were the thickest that I had ever seen.  Both have memory foam on the tops.  The girls just love them!  Stan and I had purchased a new bedroom suite just a little over 2 years ago.  All we wanted now was a new mattress set.  We chose a mattress constructed completely out of memory foam.  It is about 15 inches thick--NOW, that is. 

Stan, the girls and I went to Garden City last Friday while the girls were off school for meetings and Stan got off early for a change.  We made the rounds from furniture store to furniture store until we found just what we wanted.  The final stop was where we found everything.  It was quite convenient to find everything in one place.  The store was quite happy to deliver everything to us but we would have to wait a week.  Since we could hardly wait to get them home, we decided to rent a U-Haul trailer.  This worked out great for us since we also needed more building supplies.  I was a bit shocked to discover that we had 3 sets of boxsprings but only 2 mattresses.  When I questioned this, I learned that solid memory foam mattresses come all ROLLED UP in a not-so big box.  I was a bit concerned about this.  I could hardly believe a good mattress could come like this.

By the time that we got home that night, it was quite late and it was sprinkling so we decided to wait until morning to bring everything inside and set it up.  We set the girls new beds up first.  They were thrilled!  After that, we moved into our  room.  We set the boxsprings into place and then Stan carefully cut the box open.  Boy, was I ever disappointed!  This new mattress was MAYBE 3 inches thick!!!  By this time, I had serious doubts in our ability to choose a quality mattress.  Stan told me to give this a chance.  If we were not happy with it, we could always trade it out.  Soon the mattress was freed from its box and laid on our springs.  It was shocking at just how quickly it began to puff up.  Within a matter of just a few minutes, most of the excess organic cotton cover was full of foam.  We laid down on it and it was WONDERFUL!  During the afternoon, the foam expanded even more until all of the covering was full of the memory foam.  Finally, I was convinced that we might know a bit more about mattress selection than I thought.

We've now spent 4 nights on our new beds.  None of us could be any happier with them.  Stan and I are simply shocked at how much better we are sleeping now.  Our old set was great too and we had spent a lot of money on it.  We only decided to replace it because Stan was so impressed with the memory foam series.  We are sleeping so much better and we hardly ever turn over and are fully rested in much less time than ever before.  Let me tell you, if you are in the market for a new mattress/boxspring set or are not pleased with how you or your back are feeling with your current set, you owe it to yourself to check out this new bedding.  I think you'll be quite impressed with it!  Stan and I have had back problems for a long time.  They appear to be resolved now.


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