Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lynn's Recovery

I am happy to say that day-by-day, I am seeing marked improvements in how I feel.  There have been now new seizures since my surgery on February 17th.  That's a record for me!  I do not believe that my surgery is responsible for that yet.  My neurologist put me on a new drug a couple of weeks before the surgery.  I am doing so well now that she plans on taking me off of my old drug little by little starting in April.

The incisions are healed up and look really good now.  Pain is minimal.  I am finally able to work more.  I did credit bureau work last Friday in Scott City and plan on doing Wichita County's work tomorrow.   I've been able to do more housework and laundry also.   I tend to require an afternoon nap every day now.  My doctors believe that it is a result of the heart problem we just discovered and not my epilepsy or the meds required for it.

So life is getting better and better.  Within the next month of two, the effects of surgery will take over and my improvement will become more pronounced.  Thank You, Lord!!!


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