Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Its ON!!!!!

Stan drove me to Hays this morning to meet with my neurologist.  It was determined that my healing has been wonderful so I could have my device turned on which means that the magnets could begin transmitting.  I admit that I was scared at first.  My doctor had explained to me that it would not be a painful experience but that I would have a multitude of other sensations.  She was right.

The generator is installed in my upper left handed portion of my chest.  Wires run from it to my neck where they have been wound around my Vegas Nerve.  Once the device was turned on today.  I felt a feeling of something in my throat.  At first, I was concerned that I might choke.  I never did.  My neurologist was quite impressed with how well I was taking pulses.  As a matter-of-fact, she was shocked by it.  She gave me the option to "shock" my generator with the magnet that I now where on my wrist.  I thought it would be a good deal to do it in her office so she could talk me through it.  Again, I felt nothing.  Again, my doctor was stumped.  She began to raise the amount of voltage.  Eventually, it was high enough for me to feel the extra stimulation.  And, BOY, did I feel it!  LOL!!  It was not a painful ensation but definitely not anything I would enjoy.  Ha!  Ha!  That is the pulse I will feel anytime my magnets are used to abort a seizure.  That pulse lasts for a full minute--a minute that eems to be endless but once it's over, its gone.  (The regular and automatic pulses just last for 7 seconds each.)

My doctors are happy that I am able to have my wattage already set at 25%.  It is a good start.  I will return in April to have the voltage increased even more.  As minutes and hours have passed today, I am noticing that I barely notice the sensation now.  Fantastic!!!  I was concerned that there might be a constant buzzing or pain.  Nada.  Thank You, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Hays, we drove to Russell where I met my surgeon in an outreach clinic.  He was quite impressed with how both incisions had healed.  He had had one of our local doctors remove the stitches from my neck last Thursday.  The stitches in my chest and underarm needed to remain in place for a few days longer.  They were ready to be taken out today.The swelling in my neck is still there but it is much better.  Soon, it will be completely gone.  I am noticing a lot less numbness in my neck also. I am doing so well now, that he should not need to see me again until I need new batteries installed which hopefullly will be in 8 years or so.

I am happy to tell you that my last seizure was just before I was wheeled into the operating room on February 17th.  That is a great stretch of time in my case.  My neurologist believes that she will begin to take me off of my older seizure medicine very soon.  Wonderful!!!  It makes me very sleepy 24 hours a day.  My new med does not.  I complained of extra fatigue.  My doctor told me that my mechanical heart valve not woking right right now, is responsible for that.  For now, I will continue to take afternoon naps as needed.

Today is a day I will never forget anytime soon.  After almost 32 years, I am on the road to a new and much healthier life.  My family and I are excited about that.  What's next?  The automatic waves of powerful stimulation will continue to heal my brain as time goes on.  This is NOT a cure all but it is an awesome treatment which I believe brings epileptics aound the world a big step closer to a cure--possibly in our own lifetimes.  My depression should be completely gone by the end of August.

One funny thing that happened thi afternoon is this.  After both appointments were behind us, we drove to a restaurant in Hays for lunch.  While the waitress wa taking our order, I noticed that, all of a sudden, my arm was heavy and felt like it was stuck to the table.  When I looked at my arm, I discovered that all of my silverware was stuck to my arm magnet!  I was not expecting that.  The waitress was a bit shocked also.  Ha!  Most waiters and waitesses never see something like that.  LOL!!!

Again, my family and I want to thank all of you who have been praying for my recovery.  Without your prayers, love, support and God, I would not be doing this well.


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