Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Actually, I awakened before 5:00 thi morning o I don't even know if sunshine i in our forecast  I am referring to how much better I feel today than I have for the past 4 day.

Now I don't know why I expected to have surgery, pep off of the gurney, go to Wal-Mart, enjoy a dinne of celebration and come home.  Whatever made me thing that was totally WRONG.  Surgery started out on a wrrong foot.  Just as we were leaving the pre-surgery room, a seizure struck.  Though it only lasted for a few minutes, recovery time wa also necessary.  All that I am able to remember today was feeling panicky and then awakening several hours later in pain.  Surgery ended up taking almot 3 times as long as had been predicted.  I don't know why.  Hours later when I did wake up, I felt as weak as a newly born kitten.  Moving a toe was a hardship for this 50-year-old body.  Nursing staff did their best to wake me.  Finally, the big guns were called in...Stan, my sister, Lori, and my mother.  I remember thinking that I needed an open bottle of ammonia to clear the fogginess from my mind.  My girls came in first but they couldn't handle seeing me so unresponsive so they were sent back to the waiting room where Grandma and Lars were waiting.    With the high-powered cheering andd support from the other three in my room, after a while I began to realize that I wa still alive and needed to act appropriately.  LOL!!!

Getting dressed was unbelievably difficult.  We soon decided not to dress me in my bra.  I was simply not up to that.  My family put a loose-fitting top and jeans on.  Finally, I was taken by wheelchair to the entrance of the hospital while we awaited Stan's return with the van.  We loaded up.  Grandma, Mama, Lori and Lars got into their van and we headed homewards.  We pulled up to a drive-in restuarant to pick up most everyone.s dinner except for mine.  I just had to sleep.  Somewhere between Hays and Oakley, my bladder was busting o we pulled over a rest area.  Soon we were back en route home.

My neck hurt badly.  My chest hurt badly.  I was exhausted.  I was seriously nauseated.  Once at home, Stan and the girls prepped me for bed.  I went right to sleep.  Somewhere dring the night, pain worsened.  Stan fetched more of the pain medication that the doctor had prescibed.  He sent 30 of the pills.  As soon as I knew that, I knew that I was in for some major hurting.  My insticts were right.  I hurt all day.  I hurt all night for the next couple of day.  Part of my day was spent sleeping in our recliner.  I was too sick to keep my eyes open but at least, I could be with my family.  I was in bed before my usual bedtime of 9L00.  I slept into just a bit before lunch both days.  I had to wake up early on Monday so that we could be to my cardiologist's appointment in Dodge City before 10:30.  Tough.  I don't know if the bad news he gave me caued me to rally or what but something clicked in.  Eventually, I was able to keep both of my eyes opened at the same time.  Thank goodness for Wal-Mart's scooters!!!

We were back home shortly after 5:00 but this time, I was able to stay up until a little after 8:00.  This morning, I was awake at 5:00.  Great start.  I didn't have the head-spitting pain that I had endured the two previou night's.  How refreshing!

Now onto the surgery itself.  Basically, the electricial (surgeon) came in, plumbed my neck and chest for electricity.  Cloed up both sites and abandoned the job.  Come to find out that is how this procedure is done.  I only had the batteries turned on for a few minutes to make sure all was ready to work.  Then the batteries were turned off.  Why, you might be asking.  I need to heal before the electricity can be started and remain in ON position.  The electrician (my neurologist) will see me later this month.  If he believes that I am adequately healed, she will use her wand to start the electricity.  Evey week or two after that for awhile, we will return to her to make adjustments to the power until we are where we need to be.  Until late yesterday, I was not convinced that we had made the right decision afterall.  Now, I know that we did.  I'll keep you updated on my progess and pitfalls along the way.  In the meantime, PLEASE know how much my family and I have appreciated the spport of the people who have offered it!!!  We have a long way to go, my friends.  I hope you'll stick with me the rest of the way.  It was quite hurtful when two of our closest couple of friends deserted me before we even got started.  I cannot afford any more desertians now...please.


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