Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Storm Supplies

With a storm on its way to us, we need to be prepared well.  Here are a few items all of us should have on a hand.  In December, we were hit with a major blizzard.  Not all heeded the watches and warnings and ended up regretting it.

1.  Snow shovel close to your doors

2.  Plenty of ice melting product

3.  Several unburned candles and a box of matches(for power failure)

4.  Several heavy blankets (for power failure)

5.  If possible, have a gas powered generator and extra gas (for power failure).  Remember that if your town loses electricity, fuel pumps will be unable to work.

6.  Fill up your vehicles fuel tanks.

7.  If you do not own a garage for your vehicles, park them with the front tires facing the street.  That way, you will not have to look over your shoulder to get back out onto the road.  Busting through drifts of snow will be stressful enough.

8.  Stock up with plenty of food for you and your animals.

9.  If you still have a non-wireless phone system in your house, it might be a good idea to have a non-cordless phone plugged in.  Your cordless will not work in a power outage.

10.  I always make sure our trash is hauled outside to our outdoor trash cans BEFORE the storm starts.  It might be awhile before we can get back to the alley.

Using common sense is usually all it takes.


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