Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving Update

Good afternoon!

Boy!  I feel like our lives have been tipped upside down for almost a month now.  Though I was in the hospital until late Monday afternoon, Stan, the girls, and many friends finally brought the last trailer full of boxes, furniture, etc to our new home yesterday.  If you helped us in this move, PLEASE know that we simply could not have done it without your very kind help!!!

I have a bunch of unpacking to do now.  Honestly, I don't even know where to begin.  LOL!!!  Stan and I have decided that this will be our last move until we move into the nursing home which will hopefully be a very long time into the future.

Before we began moving here, we purchased a brand new 6-burner stove, dishwasher and refrigerator with ice and water in the door.  We expected perfection with these new appliances but were very disappointed when our dishwasher's computer panel went out after less that 6 loads of dishes were washed.  The appliance store really let us down when they refused to allow us to trade this one for another new dishwasher.  Then the repairman was not good about fixing it in a timely manner.  I had no recoarse than to contact the manufacturer.  I found a WONDERFUL representative who totally understood our problem and went right to work in getting it resolved.  Thanks to her, the new panel was installed yesterday.  YAY!!!  But our story does not stop there.  Once that was done, the repairman determined that another component was no good.  He was to order it yesterday.  Can you say  L-E-M-O-N???  What's next??????

I'll tell you what's happening now.  I am contacting the same lady from the manufacturer to see what she recommends.  After spending a large amount of money on something like this, the least that you can expect is for it to work like it is supposed to.  Right???

So, anyway, things will be great sooner than later.  Now that we have all of our possessions in the same building, it'll be much easier to get things done.  If you are ever bored and would like to help, just let us know.  LOL!!! 


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