Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wichita County Free Fair

has been in progress since Wednesday morning and concludes at midnight tonight.  I always enjoy our awesome fair but I have to say that this is one of the very best ones as far as I am concerned.  MANY people have come from far and wide to take in this 4-day party that everyone from everywhere is welcome to attend.

The 2013 fair also included the all-school reunion that is observed once every four years.  That always brings bunches of people to the county.  You might be surprised to know that there are LOTS of people with absolutely no connections to this wonderful ccommunity of ours who are drawn to our celebration year after year because of its originality and friendliness.  At a time in history when having money available to purchase tickets for people to ride carnival rides is stressful, purchasing our tickets is much easier.  In Wichita County, one simple dollar bill buys you 4 tickets and each and every ride or amusement game requires but one ticket.  To my knowledge, this just might be the last Kansas county with a homegrown carnival to offer fun and safe rides at this price.

In order to keep these prices remarkably low, the labor must be CHEAP.  LOL!!!  Members of the Wichita County Amusement Association asks area people to run rides, games and food booths.  Our family always feels honored whenever we are asked to do our part.  This year, our family has worked with the Gliders, funnel cake booth, the duck pond, friendship band making, the quarter roll and selling tickets.  We've loved it!  While doing this, we have gotten to share fellowship with people from far and near.  Its just been wonderful!

I would just like to say "Thank you" to the Wichita County Fair Board, the Amusement Association and all of the volunteers for such an even better than normally great fair this year!!!  I cannot forget to thank the Wichita County Sheriff's Officers for always providing security and to our area EMTs and fire fighters for being available if ever needed.



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