Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Family and I

Over the past month or so, I have been on the computer very little.  You may be wondering why.  People have told me that rumors have been flying all over the place about why.  LOL!!!  Here is the real reason.

For most of the winter, we spent every available minute remodeling our three bedrooms at our house.  We really liked the results.  We were quite comfortable in our home of 13 years and had planned on living there for qute sometime longer.  But life happens and our plans can change quite quickly. 

In this case, my mom happened to tour a local apartment and fell in love wth it.  Immediately she told me that she wanted to move there from her larger home.  She liked the idea of a maller place to clean and the fact that she would no longer have to care for the four lots where her home is located.  I couldn't blame her a bit.  She then asked us if we were interested in purchasing her home  We were.  So that is where our whirlwind began...

The following Sunday, we posted a For Sale sign in our front yard.  Starting the next day, we showed the house many times.  We even ended up with a biddng war!  I'd never thought that that would happen in our small town of Leoti.  It made us feel great!  A week after the sign was posted, we accepted the top bid.

Since then, we've been moving my mom's belongings that she wanted to keep into her new apartment.  She has been unable to help because she had knee replacement done.  We have moved everything out now.  Now the 2nd phase has begun:  remodelling and you know how much I L-O-V-E that!!!  Our new house was definitely liveable but there were some things we wanted to do to it before we moved everything here.  So far, Stan has replaced the two bathrooms' flooring with a gorgeous Allure product.  He still has more of it to lay in our laundry room. All of the old carpet has been ripped out now and Stan is just about ready to begin laying wood floor in the living room, dining room, the girls' bedrooms and he two hallways.  Before he can do that he has to yank out a built-in buffet in the dining room and an island out of the kitchen.  He plans on doing that today. 

There are two matching BEAUTIFUL display cabinets in the dining room that we are keeping.  Each has four shelves.  I decided to do something interesting with them.  I've never done anything like it.  I painted all three interior sdes, the tops and the bottoms with none other that BLACK in an eggshell finish.  You're probably wondering why anyone would do that.  Right?  I decided to do that to really show off our collection of glassware and china that we don't have room for in our antique china closet.  I finished the painting yesterday.  Last night, I set up the dishes.  Gorgeous!!!  Its not finished yet though.  I still need to buy some lighting for each shelf to make the cabinets even more spectacular.  Already, we just love the results. I inherited my grandparents' antique buffet and china closet.  Believe it or not, but the buffet will fit between the two display cabinets just perfectly. Maybe you would like to try this in your own home?

You already know that Paint is my middle name!  I LOVE to paint.   So far, the main bathroom has been painted a beautiful cream color with just a tiny bit of green in it.  I am just about ready to finish putting the light milk chocolate color in the living room.  It is really going to look great with our furniture and drapes.  Soon, I will begin painting the dining room and kitchen.  After that, I need to paint our master bedroom a medium blue and our huge master bathroom the same color as our living room.  The girls are painting their rooms.  Leighlyn chose a gorgeous rose for three walls and a silver for the other wall in her bedroom.  Abigayle chose candy apple red for her bedroom.  I know. I know. It sounds terrible to many people but its beautiful.  She is decorating her room in Shabby Chic with large cabbage roses in her drapes and bedding.  When all is finished, it'll be a work of art.  Our 10-year-old is an unbelievable artist.  She incorporates her abilities into her bedroom designs.  We are quite proud of her.  I doubt that too many 10 year old girls really care much about the color and design of their bedrooms yet.

A lot of work is yet to come.  I plan on taking you with us on that journey.  Once the house has been completed, the landscaping will begin..


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