Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update on Our House

You already know that we purchased a new home on July 1st.  Ever since then, we've lived in a whirlwind.  It started by moving my mom to her new place, beginning the remodel of our new house and moving out of the old house that we had just sold.  I'd like to say that all is now complete but that would be an absolute lie.  Though we've been working very hard and diligently, much work remains for us to do.

While we were at the Wichita County Fair last week, we had the great opportunity of catching up with old and new friends.  It seems that thanks to my blog, everyone knows we've moved.  People were very interested in what we've been doing with the remodel, etc.  Several people asked us how soon we plan on painting over the banana yellow exterior paint.  LOL!!!  Well, that'll be awhile down the line, Folks.  The house was just painted last summer and is in great condition.  We have many other things that need to be done before that.

We'd also like to make a request.  If any of you, gardeners, out there have plants, bushes, shrubs, etc that you want to give away, PLEASE let us know!!!  We'll be quite willing to come over and dig them up!  Our new yard is HUGE and is in diar need of more plants.  We'd appreciate each and every plant offered to us!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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