Thursday, December 13, 2012

Extra Guests for Christmas, Etc?

If you are one of the fortunate people in Wichita County who will be welcoming loved ones for the holidays but don't have enough rooms for everyone to sleep comfortably, may I recommend Hi Plains Motel right here in town?

I recently took a tour of this recently renovated motel.  I was surprised to learn of what all is available at our very own small town motel.  Not only do they have single rooms, they also have 2 and 3 connected motel rooms.  What I mean by that is that you can go from one room to the next without having to go outside.  This is wonderful for families or groups of hunters, friends or workers, etc.  They also have a great room that is equipped for handicapped guests.  Its entry and bathroom doors are also much wider than most doorways so that wheelchairs can go through them easily.  A shower chair is also available if the guest wants to use it. The bathtub has rails on it for people to hang on to while showering or to enter or exit the tub safely.  The toilet is taller than most and has an apparatus on its sides to help a disabled person lower and raise up from the toilet safely.

They also have rooms with king sized beds in them.

Rooms with three large beds are also available.

Reduced room rent is available for people who will be staying for awhile.

Just recently, new wallpaper has been hung and the walls have been painted.  All rooms are spic and span clean. 

Whats for breakfast?  Anything on the menu!  The owners of the motel offer F--R--E--E breakfast to all of their motel guests in the dining room.  How can it be any better than that?

And don't forget that the famous Wichita County Free Fair with the 25 CENT carnival rides will be the first weekend of August.  And when I tell you that each ticket costs just 25 cents and each ride just requires ONE ticket, I am being sincere.  Believe me, it is not too early to make your reservations.  The rooms are fully reserved quite awhile before the fair.

If you are expecting out-of-town guests, give Bruce or Rhonda a call at 620.375.2239 or 620.375.4438 to set up reservations or to get more information.  Wichita County is VERY fortunate to have such a wonderful motel!


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