Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update on Blizzard

Some people had decided that since the snow had not begun falling as early as experts had predicted, we would not be having the blizzard afterall.  They would soon find that they were wrong.  Within MINUTES after snow was falling, it was being whipped around quickly.  Total white out conditions at our house were noticed within one hour.  Gusts of winds were measured at 60 mph plus.

Since then, I've heard of considerable damage in town.  Tree branches were broken and strewn around yards.  Something heavy, I don't know what it was yet, hit the side of our house.  Metal yard buildings were cast clear across yards until they were thrown into fences.  Highway 96 between Leoti and Tribune was closed down.

In Scott City, electrical power from the Main Street lights and the entire west side of town was lost.  When our son called us from there at about 7:30 last evening, it had not yet been restored.

And now for the good news...this snow was just packed with moisture.  I don't care who you are in Western Kansas, you should be thanking God for sending it to us.  We so very need this.  Hopefully it will be enough to save the 2013 wheat crop.  I was told recently that if we did not get substantial moisture soon, much of the crop would be totalled.

I'd like to thank emergency personel who have been working throughout the night clearing roads and highways, providing emergency care to whomever needed it, etc.

More snow can be expected here on Christmas Day!  Yay!!!


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