Monday, December 17, 2012

Update on Bed Bugs

For the past few years, the notorious bed bugs have been making their way back into our homes, etc.  Last week, I spoke to a resident of Wichita County who just found out that her family brought bed bugs into their home after a trip out of state.  They were very concerned, needless to say.  In this family's case, they learned that a product, Tempo, is available for sale in Leoti.  Tempo kills bed bugs and other pests.

I did some more research on this topic and want to pass it on to you.  Bed bugs are being spread rapidly throughout our nation.  You can bring them to your house just by spending one night in someone else's house or motel.  We need to be protected.  Bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements are available right now.

If you discover that you have these unwanted pests in your house, help is available in the following methods:

Bed bug kits

Bed bug sprays

Bed bug traps

Bed bug dusts

Bed bug vacuums

Bed bug heat treatment

Bed bug steamers

Bed bugs are VERY small.  People usually have no idea that they have them until they discover bites on their bodies.  All it takes is ONE bug to start an infestation in your house.


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