Friday, April 20, 2012

Old City Park

For the past year or so, much has been done to restore the beauty and interest in our city park.  This is also known as the Boy Scout Park.  (The park by the swimming pool is actually our county park.)  After clean-up was done, the school board gave the park some of the playground equipment from the RBSES playground.  It was erected several months ago and the kids of Leoti really enjoy playing on it!  New and permanent barbeque grills, picnic tables, etc were put into place so that entire families can come and enjoy themselves.  If you are interested in throwing horeshoes, a pad is set up for you at the park.  (Come to the City Hall Office and they'll give you the necessary equipment.)  The concrete walking path has become popular now also.

One thing that has been missing from the park for quite sometime is the beauty of flowers.  Thanks to those of you who donated your bulbs, etc last year, flowers are on their way up!  A 3-tiered flower garden has been planted in the eastern part of the grounds.  Tulips, irises, etc have been planted and will soon be adding a vast array of color and interest to the park.  If you would like to donate more plants, bulbs, etc, please call City Hall at 620.375.2341 or call Lori at 620.375.8027.

The weather this weekend is expected to be very spring-like.  Come on out and take a look around at our newly revitalized park!


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