Saturday, April 28, 2012

Snakes Amongst Us

Just wanting to caution everyone.  After school yesterday, the Wichita County Junior High track team met just to the west of the high school to practice.  While there, kids found a RATTLE SNAKE on the grounds.  With nothing to kill the snake, it was taken to a nearby field and released.  (I am sure that the young man's parents squirmed as soon as they knew he had done this.  LOL!)

The school is located in a residential area.  Again, this is proof that poisonous snakes aren't just out and about in rural areas.  We all need to be aware of the fact that they live in towns and cities also.  Just a couple of months ago, a man stepped out onto his front porch in Ulysses and discovered a rattle snake curled up there warming itself in the sun.

Be prepared.


I received a phone call last night.  The snake was actually a bullsnake which is a good snake.  I apologize for any problems that this may have caused anyone.


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