Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lynn's Update

You might remember that I was put in the hospital last week because of severe chest pain.  My doctor here was able to get me an appointment for this morning with my cardiologist in Hays.  Stan and I were hopeful but doing our best to be prepared just in case we would be told that surgery was necessary sooner instead of later. 

My doctor came in.  Just the sight of him automatically makes us feel better.  He is a very thorough doctor and leaves nothing unchecked.  The final conclusion is that this is NOT heart-related.  YAY!  He taught us that cardiac pains are more like what I had in 2002.  They were very painful and lasted for quite some time.  The pains continued to worsen until my mechanical heart valve was installed in May of 2002.

In my current case, these pains are very sharp and very short-lived.  He believes that these are caused by my recent implant for my epilepsy that was installed in February.  He doubts that there is anything wrong with it.  Possible inflammation from the healing around the implant may be the culprit.  I already had an appointment scheduled for next week with my neurologist in Hays.  We'll discuss it then.  Sooo, the cardiologist sees no reason for concern.  I've only had one pain since last Thursday.

My doctor wants me to purchase a blood pressure machine so that I can check my presure eveyday and whenever I have a pain.  He also gave us some advice.  All able-bodied people should have a minimum of 155 minutes of exercise a week.  That breaks down to just under 23 minutes per day.  Walking, as he explained, is a great form to get it.  He also told us that walking at your own pace, slow or quick, is wonderful.

All of your prayers, cards, phone calls are sooooooooooooooo very much appreciated!!!


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