Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun Birthday Parties

Our sweet Abigayle's first double digit birthday was Tueday, April 17th.  Boy!  Time has really flown!  We celebrated with a few parties.

First of all, several of her best friends came over last Friday night for a slumber party.  It was so much fun for all of us!  They enjoyed lots of homemade egg noodles, etc for dinner.  For some, it was their first.  With both parents being so busy these days, fewer have the time for such foods.  I cheat.  I use my bread machine to do the mixing and the kneading.  LOL!

On Sunday evening, we met Adam and Mel at Scott City's Chinese restaurant since they could not come to her family party because of work.

Stan and I took her treats to school on Wednesday afternoon.  We took a treat that is also an activity for kids.  It is called chocolate playdough that is made from scratch.  Kids just love it!  I also have a recipe that you use milk chocolate chips and corn syrup.  If you want them, just let me know.  After the kids played with it, they ate it.  Since there are no eggs in it, it is totally safe.  I knew it was a success when several 9 and 10-year-olds asked for the recipe.  LOL!!! 

Tuesday night was when we had the family party.  Those who were able to be here were Grandma, Neva Kiefer-Duncan, Nonny, Donna Lou Elder, Leif, Lori and Lars Christensen and Danny Romero.  We served bbq meatballs, everyone's favorite, a potato casserole, onion casserole, Grandma's special chocolate meringue pie and birthday cake.  We were stuffed!

So now things have returned to normal around here.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing us with such a beautiful angel!!!


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