Friday, April 20, 2012

Kansas Website

May is almost here.  Many of us are looking forward to getting out of the house and town to get some fresh air, see new things and meet other people.  I just came across a website that I think you just might enjoy.  It is

Once on it, you will be able to select any town in the state.  Click on one that you are interested in.  Once that town's information comes up, you'll be able to find the following information:

1.  Architecture

2.  Art

3.  Commerce

4.  Cuisine

5.  History

6.  People

In Leoti, for instance, you will be able to see our majestic courthouse that people from all around come to see.  It is GORGEOUS!  Folks, they just don't build 'em today like they did back then... 

Under customs, you'll find pictures and information about our ever popular Wichita County Fair and Carnival.

Enjoy your tour through our fine state of Kansas!


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