Friday, April 6, 2012


goes out to the Wichita County EMTS who responded to my 9-1-1 call yesterday when I was having chest pains.  Your assistance is alway welcome to your patients.  Once you arrive, we begin to feel calmer.  Another HUGE thank you goes to Marie and the rest of the Wichita County Hospital staff who took excellent care of me while I was in the emergency room and after I was admitted to the hospital.  I hope that the residents of our county know just how very fortunate we are to have such an outstanding health care center and medical personnel that we've been blessed with here.

For those of you who came to visit me in the hospital, allow me to say THANK YOU!!!  This was a very scary situation and your support meant the world to me.

I was released from the hospital this morning to come home.  An appointment has been set up with my cardiologist in Hays first thing Monday morning.  Right now, it looks like no additional heart damage was done.  It is believed that a piece of the blood clot in my mechanical heart valve broke away and got into my lung.  Yesterday's pain and low oxygen percentage in my body was probably caused by it getting out of my lung.

I will update you on what we learn Monday next week.

In the meantime, My family and I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers.


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