Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Progress

I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated and continue to appreciate the support that many of you have offered to me.  Just thought that you might be interested in an update now.

As of March 17th, my surgery had been over for one full month.  In Less than 2 weeks, I will celebrate the 2nd month.  And when I say CELEBRATE, I mean just that.  As you may recall, I had a multitude of seizures in the weeks and days leading to my VNS surgery.  My family and I were quite concerned.  Since surgery, I've just had 2 daytime seizures.  I don't know if I've had any nightime seizures.  I will have that answer on April 18th when I meet with my neurologist again.  The two seizures that I have had have been much less severe.  I "shocked" myself with my magnet for the second seizure.  It worked just like it was supposed to.  It cut off my seizure and provided a shorter recovery time.

My family and I believe that my depression has lessened also.  I am enjoying laughing more often again.  Our family time is even more special to me than it has been for awhile.  Once the depression had worsened, it became harder and harder to leave the shell that had been built around me.  I have now begun to crack that shell in a big way which has allowed the sunshine to enter into my life.  I am not completely past the depression yet but I am much better.  I request that you continue to pray for me.  Your prayers are definitely being answered over and over.

Thank you!!!


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