Friday, October 12, 2012

A B--I--G Thank You

A week ago, our family was delighted to receive a GORGEOUS burgundy Bushel Mum from friends of ours who gave them to us as a house warming gift.  It took us a week to decide just where the best place was to plant it.  FINALLY, we decided that the best place for it was out in the front yard next to the front porch.  We wanted everyone to get to enjoy the mums there.  They are just spectacular!

A couple of weeks ago, I transplanted a few yellow mums from our old house into the southwest corner of our front yard.  I also planted some irises and a daylily with them.  The Summer of 2012 had definitely not done them any favors.  Despite the fact that they had very little moisture to speak of, their little buds have actually managed to open and smile in their new home. That 1.50" of beautiful rain from last weekend really helped them.  Thank You, Lord for sending it to us!!!   Hopefully, there will be lots of moisture this autumn and winter to really give them a good start for next spring.


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