Friday, October 12, 2012

Leoti's Porky's BBQ

Trying to decide what sounds good for meals today or this weekend that won't cost a lot of energy from you?  Then drop in or call the good folks from Porky's.

The special only for TODAY is whole smoked chickens.  The price is just $10.00 each.  All of their regular foods are also available.  In addition to their meat, they also have sides and cold drinks available including soda pop and a variety of Gatorade.

And don't forget that Porky's also delivers lunches to both the elementary school and the WCJ-SHS students and staff.  Let them know when the lunch needs to be delivered.

Don't have time to drive to Porky's?  That's no problem!  Just call them at 620.376.8054.  (You might want to keep their phone number handy...)

They are open Monday through Friday for your convenience.


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