Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost but Not Quite Done

As I promised, I went to work yesterday morning cutting down the many elm trees north of our garage and inside our backyard.  I even went to one of our extra lots and shaped up an elm shrub so that he can grow upwards to become a shade tree.  By doing this, it will be much easier to mow around it also.

As I cut down one tree after another, I stacked them out by our driveway.  By this weekend, Stan and I plan on hauling all of them to the junkyard.

I am pleased with the work that I finished yesterday.  Unfortunately, all of the heaving and hoeing caused me to mess my back up again.  Oh, well.  I accomplished what I set out to do.  Stan is now able to check off another of the chores he had left to do.


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