Monday, October 22, 2012

Blaus' House Update

Some have wondered what we've gotten done on our new house so far.  It can be summed up in just 2 words, A LOT.

All of the flooring has been finished except for in our utility room.  It is not a huge room so it should be done in just one day.  We decided to put it off until a day when it is too cold to be outdoors.

I had had all of the painting done everywhere except for in our utility room.  So far, all of the paint is on the walls that I can reach.  We purchased a front-loading washer/dryer set that is much taller and thicker than most.  Even with a step stool, reaching the top of the wall behind them is next to impossible.  Have no fear though.  Stan has now decided to build a cabinet in that area for storing our Christmas tree.  It'll be nice.

A few weeks ago, we decided that the color I'd painted our living room was just too bland.  I took care of that by painting three of the walls a rich plum.  We love that now.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've done a major transformation on our master bedroom with paint, wallpaper, etc.  Its beautiful now.

Our kitchen cabinets have been refinished and look beautiful.  Someday soon, we will be putting in new countertops there.  Oh, and by the way, remember how much trouble we had with our brand new dishwasher?  The manufacturer instructed the repairman to finally replace ALL interior parts.  All that remains original now is the body, electric cord and hose.  It works wonderfully now.

Stan has taen a few days off the first week of November to take me to see my neurologist and to remove the girls' existing bathtub and shower and to replace them with the great new set we have purchased.  We can hardly wait to have that job completed!  Right now, the girls are having to bathe in our bathroom at the other end of the house.  It'll be much better when they can do that by their own bedrooms.

So what'll be next after those projects?  We will finally be finishing our roughed-in family room.  It'll take us awhile.  Right now, all that is there is the roof, exterior walls and concrete floor.  We will have to add some more electricity, hang sheetrock on the ceiling and walls, lay carpet or tile and hang a new door that will lead to our back porch.  We hope to start work on this during the winter.

Over the weekend, we got considerable work done to the interior of our garage.  We really want to be able to park our vehicles in it instead of our junk and my mom's extra belongings. another couple of days should just about do it.

I FINALLY worked on the front yard yesterday.  It had been needing to be cleaned since before we moved in.  The summer heat was just too much for me to endure outdoors though.  After the cleaning was done, Leighlyn did some decorating with some scarecrows.  They look cute!

I don't know if you've seen our weather forecast for this week or not.  But for the first three days, temps will be great.  Starting Thursday, things change rapidly.  Highs for Thursday will be in the 50s.  By Saturday, we have a chance for snow.  So...starting today, you can find me out north of our garage.  A hedge of unwanted elm trees reach to the top of the garage.  I hate to cut down any kind of tree but if we allow these to continue to grow there, their roots will destroy the concrete floor in our garage.

So anyway, that is our progress in a nutshell.


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