Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've mentioned that rodents, snakes, centipides, etc have been migrating into area towns for awhile now.  Various theories for why this has been happening has been voiced.  Pest exterminators have told me and others that it is because of the lack of water in the country.  I am hoping that since God has been so generous with His precious rain lately, that this migration to town will come to an end soon.  Others speculate that this is a sign that we should be expecting a tough winter.

My story now moves to H--U--G--E spiders!  I'm not talking about a mere little "daddy long-legs".  I wish.  Just before I went to bed last night, I went into the kitchen to prepare Stan's coffee pot for this morning.  I pulled it out of the corner where it is normally set.  But when I did, I saw this large gray area.  It took a few seconds for my eyes to transfer what they were seeing to my brain for immediate orders on how my body needed to react next.

My body's orders???  Yell for Stan to come and look--NOW!   After that--RUN!!!

So Stan and the girls came to see what my latest calamity was.  Funny thing was that each of them jumped too.  No one wanted to stick around to get to know our new tenant.  Fortunately, since the beginning of time, it has been the man of the cave (household) who has been the family protector.  Stan was just thrilled that this was his duty as my husband and as the girls' father.  Ha!  I fetched him one of our flyswatters to which Stan openly laughed.  He wanted to know just what I expected him to do with that.  He said that the spider was the same size--maybe even bigger.

Well, the swatter was just the first of a series of several events that would need to be done to rid our home of this nasty.  Once Stan popped it,it headed to the floor--behind the refrigerator, of course.  Most refrigerators weigh a good amount of weight.  They weigh even more when they come with a built-in water and ice maker.  Since the girls and I had all but strung a yellow CAUTION banner around the kitchen and Stan, none of us were about to return in there to help him pull the refrigerator from the wall.  Sorry.  We just don't do bugs, mice or rats. 

Once Stan was able to clear the electrical wire and water tubing, he was able to get to the spider that had done all but make all of us run from our own home screaming for help.  He stomped on it several times before Stan was satisfied that it was dead.  Just to be on the safe side, he took a couple of paper towels, wrapped the spider's body into them before he carried everything to the dumpster--outside.

My duty for today is to call our exterminator and let him know about this.  Ughhh....


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