Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prayer Request

Many of you remember my cousin, Kevin Burch, who was raised in Wichita County.  His parents are Les and Lyla (Rowton) Burch.  Bessie Burch of Leoti is his grandmother.

Word was just received that his 7-month pregnant stepdaughter was injured in a car accident that left her with a broken neck.  A c-section is now necessary before her neck surgery can take place.  The stepdaughter had not yet done any shopping for her baby girl who was not due for another 2 months.  Prayers are definitely being asked for them.

If you have anything for baby girls or would like to send a check, money order, gift card, etc, you can send them to Kevin's home.  He and his wife will deliver them to their daughter.  If you are sending a check, please write it to Kacee Curnutt, his stepdaughter.

Kevin Burch
100 S. Third Street
Hartshorne, Oklahoma

Thank you sooo much!!!


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