Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adopt a soldier or an entire platoon

Words from an American soldier: "I tell everyone that a letter or package from home is better than a hot meal in the field."

We have no idea how happy we make a soldier who is deployed just by writing him/her a note of praise and saying "We're praying for you."

Right now, we have soldiers on two fronts--Iraq and Afghanistan. If you are able to be a pen pal or to adopt an individual soldier or a platoonof troops, please contact as soon as possible. This would also be a great project for students, churches, clubs, etc. In some cases, you can communicate with your soldier through email.

Right now, THOUSANDS of soldiers are requesting that they be adopted by our citizens who care. On a personal note, our family has done this. It is amazing how much we have gotten out of this.

When you visit the website, you can choose to be a pen pal or to sign up for monthly or holiday care packages that contain such things as gum, candy (no chocolate as it melts), toiletries, a pair of socks and a letter or card. You choose what to send. We can't imagine what these simple things mean to these soldiers who are giving their all to protect us and to bring peace to people in other countries. I hope that you will do this.


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