Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ron Blau

Stan's brother, Ron, had brain surgery at KU Medical Center but nothing could be done to remove any of his malignant tumor. He was dismissed from the hospital yesterday, August 21st. He went back to their home in Hays.

This morning, he was not acting right when he got out of bed so his wife, Pam, took him to the Hays Medical Center where it was determined that he is having bleeding of the brain. Soon after, he was flown to KU Medical Center.

Please pray for Ron and his family.

At this time, our family is still at home, however, we are prepared to leave at the drop of a hat if we are needed in Kansas City. Fortunately, Ron's two sisters, Sandy and Christine, and his brother, George, live in Manhattan and St. George so they are just an hour away from the medical center. At this time, we understand that they are with Ron and Pam.

If you want to call us, here are our contact numbers:

Home: 620-375-4584
Stan's cellphone: 620-874-0698
Lynn's cellphone: 620-376-8922

Ron owned a body shop in Leoti in the 1990s before moving to Hays in 1997. Ron, Pam and their children, Josh and Chelsee, were well-known in Leoti.

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