Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wichita County Cons

Beware! Especially if you or someone you love lives in Wichita County.

As you know, a month ago, Leoti was bombarded by HUGE hail. Many people woke the next morning to find out that their automobiles were totalled or at least seriously damaged. House roofs were totalled out. Many windows were broken. Some people are now having to re-side or stucco their homes. During the past month, crews from all over have converged on Leoti to offer their services in repairing this damage. It has been interesting seeing all of the ad signs appearing in yards to advertize who did the restoration work.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has come in to do the repairs is a hero. Some storm victims are being conned by some vendors. I have heard today of one set of homeowners who had just had their roof, etc. repaired to their homeowner's insurance satisfaction as well as their own. Then, the doorbell rang...A man introduced himself as a roofing contractor. He told the homeowners that it was easy to see from the street that they "have" a totally destroyed roof. He then offered to do the work necessary to restore the roof to an excellent state. Of course, his offer was denied.

Years ago, a major hailstorm hit Syracuse, Ks. where my grandmother lived. Ordinarily, my father would have done the roofing but he was battling cancer and just couldn't do it. He did, however, offer his professional advice. Unfortunately, my grandmother took the "best" offer from a fly-by-night outfit. They offered to spray a cure-all chemical on the roof to do all of the repairs necessary. One of the best things about this miraculous chemical was that it could be tinted in any color that my grandmother requested so she chose peach. It was to last for many years. When my father went to visit a week later, he was stunned when he discovered that the chemical was nothing other than peach PAINT!!! By that time, the company had left Syracuse and no one knew where they went. This paint treatment cost my grandmother hundreds of dollars.

Anyway, I am very concerned about elderly people who are often targetted by these unsavory people. If you think that someone might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes or someone else's, please contact City Hall or the Sheriff's Office.

620-375-2341 City Hall
620-375-2723 Sheriff's Office


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