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Anyone who knows us know that our pets are much more like family to us than just pets. Though we believe that each of our "family members" is very special in many different ways, I have to wonder if our Saudy is truly an original or not. I sincerely want to know what you think. Please send a comment to my blog or send me a note at .

When Abigayle was turning 3-years-old, she asked us for a puppy of her own. Leoti is not a very large town so finding a suitable puppy can be rather difficult at times. In my mind, I wanted her to find a cute little fluffy MALE puppy. Abigayle is like me. She doesn't want to have to wait for anything. Well, I made some calls and found out that Matt and Sara Comfort also of Leoti, had a litter of puppies looking for homes. We went to take a look. Honestly, I have to admit that I was not completely in love with the puppies. They were free which I had no problem with. We're the kind of people who do not believe that only dogs with an expensive pedigree are worth having. We fall in love easily with all breeds including mixed breeds. There were only two things against these puppies. 1. There was only one male and the Comforts were already keeping him. 2. The puppies were anything except fluffy.

I tried to convince Abigayle that we needed to keep looking. No matter what I said, Abi just couldn't hear me. She had already fallen for a short, long-bodied puppy with SHORT hair. To look at her, it was easy to see that she would never be a fluffy ball of fur which I love. The mommy was a dachshound who evidentally wasn't too choosy when it came to selecting the daddy for her babes. He must've been ugly. Though she was cute, her babies were not. For me to say that these puppies were not cute is a major thing. I never thought there was such a thing as a homely puppy until I met these guys.

Since the puppy was to be a birthday gift for our little princess, her own choice of puppies was a must so we took this homely little thing to our van. Once we were in the van, everyone started suggesting names to Abigayle. No matter what name was suggested, Abigayle refused it. She had already decided that her new baby was to be named Saudy. To this day, we have NO idea where in the world she came up with that name but today, we wouldn't change her name even if we could.

Fortunately, our Saudy was smart. Within just a few days, she was completely housebroken. Honestly, I don't think that we have ever had any dog that trained so easily. I am sure that that was one of the many reasons that we fell totally in love with her in a very short time period.

Saudy is almost 5-years-old now and is truthfully my best friend other than Stan. I can tell her anything and she keeps it a secret. Ha! Ha!

Everyone including my mom has great feelings for our little Saudy. She's still not very tall and is even longer than she was when we brought her home. For the first 4 years of her life, she never had any babies. We were convinced that she was barren. However, last summer, she surprised us with 6 little babies of her very own. Honestly, they were not any better looking than their mommy started out. But, they were still just as loving and loveable. We decided to keep one of her puppies. Leighlyn and Abigayle chose Cinderella for her name.

Well, just in the past few months, Saudy has literally become a peace-keeper in our home. Personally, I have NEVER seen anything like it. We have a total of seven 4-legged family members in our family. Occassionally, trouble brews between them. Now, though, whenever two of them start to grumble with each other, she intervenes immediately. She goes to the bigger pet involved and puts her front legs on their shoulders and holds them in place. She won't return all four feet to the floor until all growling and snarling has ended. Once the nastiness ends, she rewards the bigger animal with a thorough ear washing. Seriously, no one has tried to mangle someone else in months now. Have you seen any other dogs do that? I'd really like to know!

Then, yesterday, Leighlyn noticed that Saudy was chewing on her shoestring. She did more investigating and realized that Saudy was ripping a sticker out of it. Once the sticker was out, Saudy jumped up on Leighlyn and kissed her. Has anyone seen something like that before???

Anyway, if you're interested please comment on this in the blog or send me a seperate email. I want to see just how extraordionary our Saudy is!!!


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  1. That's an amazing story! I especially like the part about her peacekeeping tendencies.



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