Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Danger from last hailstorm in Wichita County

As alot of you already know, Wichita County was hit be a very bad hailstorm three weeks ago. Some hail was LARGER than baseballs!!! Many homes and automobiles received great damage. Our 2001 Buick Century was totalled in the storm.

Some people thought that they had gotten off relatively easy with the storm. However, last week, two ladies were driving in the country when they noticed that they had a little wind noise that seemed to be coming from the windshield but everything looked fine. Just to be on the safe side, they took it to the body shop to have it checked out. They were horrified to learn that their windshield was ready to fall into their laps!!! To the normal person, everything looked fine. Thank God they took it to a professional for his analysis. This may have saved their lives!!!!!!

So, my advice to you is if your vehicle went through that storm, have your vehicle checked even if everything looks fine to you.


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