Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A simple or not-so-simple question for you

Monday, August 3rd, we took our daughters to Denver's Water World, a great water park. When we first got there, I observed a lesbian couple. Yes, Lori, I KNOW that they were gay. It was QUITE evident.

Later in the day, I took Abigayle to the ladies room. Of course, there was a line waiting for the next available stool-it as Abigayle calls it. We were right in line behind one of the ladies from this couple. I spoke with her while we were in the waiting line. She was quite nice. However, I had a really strange feeling about it. Whenever women passed us by on their way out of the restroom, she would "check each one out" so to speak.

So, my question is, should lesbians be allowed to use the laides' room or should they use the men's room? If so, then gay men should use the ladies' room. Right???

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  1. this is better than the funny paper


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