Saturday, August 22, 2009

Something EVERYONE should know

Many Americans are facing such problems as

1. Recurrent sugar cravings
2. Fatigue
3. Constipation--frequent or off and on
4. Acid reflux
5. Digestive issues (f.e., heartburn, etc)
6. Acne and skin problems
7. Bad breath
8. Frequent flus and colds

Believe it or not, many of these problems are caused by an imbalance of the good and the bad bacterias found in our colon. If left unchecked, they can actually cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chrohn disease and COLON CANCER. Another effect is malnurtrition. Yes, people inthe United States also suffer from being malnourished. You'll learn more about that later in my article.

These conditions cause the following to occur:

1. Illness
2. Sluggishness
3. Drowsiness

Modern food processing is taking out MUCH of the good bacteria that we need for our colons to work properly as they were intended to do. That is how our malnutrition starts. Therefore, our good colon bacterial is depleted and our bad bacteria takes over causing REAL problems. Recently, you have probably either seen or heard commercials on TV or the radio advertizing colon cleansers. Pharmacists are recommending that people use them to rid their bodies of the toxins that otherwise are not being removed from our bodies. I asked about people with heart issues. The pharmacist who I consulted told me that these cleansers actually help people with heart problems. I want you to know that this is NOT a cure for heart problems. IT IS NOT!!! But, it will help your heart to function better because your body's toxins are being eliminated as they should be. Actually, every one of your body's systems will run much more smoothly.

Cleansing systems are usually consumed by drinking a shake. I was told that Evercleanse is a great cleanser. The pharmacist told me to start taking a probiotic as soon as I finish the cleansing process. However, when I did my research on the internet, I learned that you should actually take your probiotic at the same time so that your good and bad bacterial balance is acheived sooner. Probiotics are taken in pill form normally. Patients usually take one pill once a day. Both the cleansers and the probiotics are purchased at most pharmacies with NO prescription being necessary.

I consulted two nationally known pharmacies in Western Kansas. I found that you should expect to pay anything from $10.00 to $40.00 for the cleansers. Not bad at all if you can have your health restored to your colon which in turn, restores your vitality. Cleansers and probiotics can also be purchased over the internet.


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