Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Corrigan Brothers' New Hit

Ger Corrigan just sent me this and I could hardly wait to post it here!

You've seen the Corrigan Brothers on my blog several times. They are a famous band in Ireland but are gaining momentum all over the world. They had the seven-million You Tube hit, "There's No One as Irish as Barack Obama" They're at it again with "Arthur's Day in Ollie Hayes Bar".

Arthur's Day honours the remarkable legacy of Arthur Guinness, the pioneering brewer and philanthropist and the man who in 1759, created the most famous drink in the world.

Ollie Hayes Pub is the world's most famous pub. It can be found in Moneygall, Ireland, the ancestral home of President Obama. The President himself dropped in for Guinness recently and the First Lady poured a few pints of the famous drink.



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