Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wichita County Elementary School Site Council

We had our first meeting of the school year yesterday afternoon. Several issues were discussed including what to do about a sign to identify the new school building. Various ideas are being considered including a sign that would be posted on the ground, the name being put on the building itself and the thought of a marquee being set up. If we go with the marquee, upcoming school events would be placed on there so that the public would know what was coming up. Of course, it would cost more money to go with it but at this time, I think that it would be the best way to go. If you have any thoughts on the matter, please let the Site Council members, elementary school or school board office know what you recommend. Here are their phone numbers:

W.C.E.S.: 620.375.2314

USD 467: 620.375.4677

At the beginning of the meeting, we chose officers for the 2010-2011 school year. Here are the new board members:

Vice President: Dr. Julia Myers
Secretary/Recorder: Denise Gerstberger
President: Me

Some of the other council members include Dawn Haverfield-McKinney; principal of W.C.E.S, Denise Gerstberger, parent and Kindergarten teacher, Marti Lewis-Engels, parent and teacher, Judy Sondreggor-Tankersley, First Grade Teacher and Misty Casper-Gardner, parent.

If at any time, you have a recommendation, etc, please contact any of the above people or the school office.


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