Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whimmydiddle (Corrected Date)

Years ago, my beloved mother-in-law, Joyce E. Blau, was one of the founders for Scott City's famous Whimmydiddle. I am sure that she would be stunned at just how very popular this event has become! It will be held at the City Park in Scott City on Saturday, September 24th. Don't forget to mark it on your calendar!

I'd like to add just one little thing. We have friends who live close to the park. Every year, they put up with participants of Whimmydiddle parking in their private driveway, in their backyard, and blocking their neighbors' driveways. PLEASE be kind and don't park where you should not be.

Thank you!!!



  1. I never heard of it...

    ...looks like great fun!

  2. It IS a lot of fun! Crafters from all over come to Scott City to set up their treasures. I didn't know that there was a website for this. Thank you, Iggy!!!


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