Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Upcoming Fun in Tribune

Have you ever had the wish that you could issue warrants so that someone you know would be ARRESTED? If you know of someone in Tribune who you'd enjoy seeing "arrested", here is your chance to make that a reality. The Star Theatre's Board of Directors is sponsoring this fundraiser.

On Thursday, October 6th, anyone in Greeley County has the possibility of being arrested. If you would like to "issue an arrest warrant" for someone in Greeley County, please contact Christy Hopkins of the Greeley County Economic Development Committee. Her number at work is 620.376.2548.

To order a warrant, you will need to pay $25.00 for that right. You can either call Christy or another board member before next Thursday or drop by the theatre during the day.

If you are a prisoner of the theatre, you or someone else needs to post a $50.00 bond.

Want to purchase insurance that will prevent you from being arrested, you can pay a $100.00 fee to a board member or at the theatre.

The jail will be in place right in front of the theatre.

All proceeds will be used for the Star Theatre.


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