Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Advice needed

Stan, the girls and I are starting to discuss what we should plant this year. We want to plant some cherry trees. Which ones do you recommend?

Stan has recently begun thinking of making our own wine. I LOVE that idea! Can any of you give us some tips on growing your own grapes? Do Concord and pink grapes grow well here?

PLEASE give us any and all information that you can muster!!!

Thank you!

Happy Spring!!! VLE-B


  1. The climate is too harsh and diverse there to support the vines / grow grapes. You need cool / damp evenings, warm (not too hot) days and little wind.

  2. I was afraid of that. We are also anxious to check into some cherry and apple trees. Those might be a better investment for us!!!

    Thank you so very much for this advice!


  3. wrong.. our old backyard had grapes. I think if you have a lot of protection and water you can do it here. Louis Emme used to make wine from the grapes. although we just let the birds have them, and made a little jelly.


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