Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just another day at the Blaus house!

Since forever, our darling little Abigayle has been all but tramuatized by anything that deals with tornadoes. If the weather is looking like it may be capable of producing a tornado, we know that we have to start right out consoling her that God is taking care of us and that we will be just fine. This year, it was January before she was convinced that we were tornado-free for awhile.

But last week, someone in Leighlyn's class had commented that meteorologists had reported that the 2009 tornado season was a very mild one in our neck of the woods. However, those same meterologists are convinced that 2010 is going to be a very different critter. We should be prepared for MANY tornadoes.

Leighlyn knows just as much as we do that Abi is a T-total tornado-phobic. So, the day that she had heard of the 2010 season upon us, she thought that she should alert US--not Abigayle. In times like this, we have always spelled whatever scary word it was to each other so that Abigayle had no reason for concern. So, Leighlyn spelled out t-o-r-n-a-d-o-e-s to Stan and I. Even though Abi was in the other room, she ran in to us and yelled out "TORNADOES???" Hmmm, guess our sneaking around with just spelling words around our little first grader have come to a sharp end. LOL!!!


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