Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obesity and Poor Grades

I was listening to the KSN afternoon show, THE DOCTORS, today. They did a bit on helping your children get a better education and grades. The doctors said that there is a big connection between poor grades and obesity.

Scientests who have been studying the two issues have come up with one conclusion. It seems that the students who have a tendency for not-so-good grades also tend to be slightly to morbidly overweight.

Doctors are now recommending that children of all ages have more exercise. The exercise is great for battling against the weight problem PLUS, kids who get some sort of exercise before school are more alert and able to soak up the topics that are being taught to them. The kids who do not exercise are much more sluggish in school. The doctors said that any kind of exercise is great. One doctor said that his son jumps on their trampolene for 15 minutes every day before he leaves for school. Other kids get their exercise by walking from home to school.

Anyway, with the issues of obesity and poorer grades in America, maybe we all need to do whatever we can to encourage our children to exercise more. Here at home, our girls will be doing some form of exercise or another.


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