Wednesday, September 29, 2010

STUCO Goes To Dodge City

This morning at 6:30, the Wichita County Junior High and Senior High student government officials loaded the activity bus and headed out for Dodge City where they attended a state STUCO meeting. Our daughter, Leighlyn, was one of those kids. She is the Vice President of the 7th grade.

After the meeting was adjourned, the students from all over boarded their buses again and went in search of FOOD! The Leoti kids went to two different nationally-known food establishments and were turned down for service bcause of the amount of other schools' students who had gotten to them first.

Finally, the bus went to the Pizza Hut in Dodge City. The sponsors went in to see if they would have room for the Leoti kids. They found out that the employees of the pizza restaurant had already torn down their lunch buffet for the day. However, they told the sponsors to bring everyone in anyway. Soon, new pizzas and pastas were available at the buffet for all to devour.

So, as for the Blau family, we are quite impressed with the courtesy of the Pizza Hut's manager. When we are in Dodge City again, we'll be eating there. Leighlyn has told us that the food was delicious!

Suggestions had been made before the decision to try Pizza Hut, to go to Garden City and eat at a restaurant there. A student on board of the bus has a capability on her cellphone to check traffic ahead. It revealed that major highway constructon layed ahead of them between D.C. and G.C. which could have slowed them down with an hour-long wait.


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