Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Western Hardware

Ever since Russ and Cathy (Marcy) Wiegers purchased the hardware and lumber stores from the Oldham family, many changes have been done. I've already told you how much they have done to add more curb appeal to their building including purchasing the lot between the hardware and the Leoti Standard. They then cleaned up that area, poured concrete, raised decorative fencing and put an awning over part of that concrete which protects the garden supplies, etc underneath it.

The interior was revamped first of all. Display shelves were shifted to other areas of the building. The check-out counter which had been located in the center of the building was moved to the front of the store. Many different items were brought in for re-sale that was not available in Wichita County before.

After all of these major renovations were completed, I thought that everything was done. I was wrong.

I went to the hardware store yesterday. I parked outside of their alley entrance as many other customers do also. As soon as I opened the doors, I heard a doorbell ring which alerted the employees that customers had entered the building from the rear. As I progressed into the building, I discovered that major building was done towards the back of the store. It has not been finished yet but it looks GREAT! The new structure is going to be the office. It is elevated a few steps so that office personnel will be able to overlook most of the building. So far, it has been sided with beadboard which has now been stained a medium dark color. It looks beautiful. Once the interior has been done, the old office will be dismantled. Larger display shelves will take it's place.

So, while you're out looking at the new school, drop in to the hardware store and take a look around. I think that you will be impressed.


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